If you have a hurt shoulder, where should you focus your energy and attention to help create permanent pain relief?

Do you rely on aspirin, ice, shoulder band resistance training, or even surgery?

Or, do you consider the connective tissue that surrounds the shoulder in your neck, torso, and even all the way down to your feet?

While it might seem strange that the pain in your shoulder could be caused by an imbalance all the way down in your feet, the reality is that foot pain can cause you to lean forward or hunch over, leading to a forward head posture that strains your neck, shoulders, and back.

Everything is connected.

What about your business? If there’s pain in your business, such as friction, inefficiency, infighting, poor velocity, or substandard quality, where should you focus your energy and attention to create relief?

Do you address the pain point directly, or do you examine the interconnections that surround it?

This is why I created the Entropy Survey. It’s a root cause diagnostic tool that scans your business for internal pain points and identifies the connective tissue causing the pain.

It allows you to see the inner workings of your business through a systems view.

For example, is the breakdown in our sales function due to a poor customer onboarding process, inadequate product management, or because we are targeting the wrong types of customers?

If you don’t look holistically at the entire business, then you’ll attempt to cure the symptom but miss the underlying root cause.

Everything is connected. Look to the interconnection points and put your energy and focus there.

If operational excellence is important to you, I highly recommend taking this tool, the Entropy Survey, for a free test drive and discovering what you can uncover.