Does operational excellence matter to you?

If so, then I’d like to introduce you to a powerful new tool called the Organizational Physics Entropy Survey. The Entropy Survey allows you to survey a cross-functional team to discover a company’s most important internal improvement points and create an action plan to fix them. Then you can track the team’s progress at driving and sustaining operational excellence over time.

For over a decade, I have relied on this same tool as a linchpin in my strategic alignment and organizational design consulting practice. I have used it with several hundred companies. I know it can be transformative for two reasons:

  1. Many clients who completed my initial program continue to use this same survey every year, as part of their own strategic planning and alignment process.
  2. The survey allows the team to track its progress at reducing entropy over time. This way we can actually measure it working!

It’s a powerful tool and is like nothing else out there. I’m just now making the Entropy Survey available to other coaches and CEOs who would also value the improved ability to:

  • Gather and align diverse perspectives
  • Solve problems at the root cause
  • Improve organizational velocity and scalability
  • Measure improvements over time
  • Create a successful, resilient, and agile organization

“The Entropy Survey is a revolutionary change. Not simply an incremental move, but a massive transformative change over the traditional SWOT Analysis.”

– Paul Cronin, Managing Director, Cornerstone3 Inc.

If you’re potentially interested in a powerful approach to organizational development like the one I’m describing, then I’d like to invite you to register for free, kick the tires, and see how it works. If you give it a sincere try, then you’ll quickly understand why it can make such a positive impact in growing a business.

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