Part I: I had the privilege of being on the Fort Podcast with Chris Powers. Chris is an excellent interviewer and we covered a lot of ground including scaling-up, organizational design, and where a leader can create the most leverage to get and sustain business momentum.

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Part II: Listen in as former client Chris Powers, host of the Fort with Chris Powers, interviews his business partner Jason Baxter as they do a real-time 2021 Year in Review at Fort Capital. I didn’t know that Chris and Jason were going to discuss the impact Organizational Physics had made on their already successful business. It was fun and humbling for me to hear them speak about their experience and new perspectives in their own words. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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Part III: This is the Fort Podcast Year End Review for 2022. It is important to notice that the design, mindset, and language of Organizational Physics are still present, but the founders are now focused on scaling their business, not operating Organizational Physics! By design, Organizational Physics principles have faded into the background, and the founders and their company are having a ton of fun growing their business in the right way. Our collaboration in 2020 was short-lived, but its benefits are long-lasting.

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