The Company Core survey module makes it easy to capture the essence of 9 fundamental questions and use the answers to engage in world-class strategic communications and alignment with your entire company. The Company Core consists of 9 core questions, listed in order of priority:

  • Q1. Core Customer: Who is our primary customer and how do we delight them?
  • Q2. Core Purpose: Why, in the largest sense, is what we do important?
  • Q3. Core Values: What are our desired consistent and accepted behaviors?
  • Q4. Core Vision: What is our long-range vision?
  • Q5. Core Activities: What is our core value proposition now? What will we start doing in the future?
  • Q6. Non-Core Activities: What is NOT our core value proposition now? What will we not get into, or stop doing?
  • Q7. Key Question: What is the key question that, if answered, will allow us to transform the industry?
  • Q8. Brand Promise: What must our customers always experience in their relationship with us?
  • Q9. Brand Tag Line: Describe what we do in 3 seconds or less.

Surveys can be completed by up to twenty-five people, but the ideal survey size is between seven and fifteen people from different departments. The cost is one credit per survey.