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Through this membership program CEOs, coaches, and organizational development leaders can conduct advanced strategic planning and alignment, create the right organizational structure and design, and drive smoother team-based strategic execution at scale. The program also includes PSIU assessments that help improve teamwork, communication, and role fit.

For Everyone:
Improve your hiring process, role fit, and teamwork with fast and practical insights using PSIU Assessments. Get 3 free assessments. Register below.

PSIU Assessments

PSIU Assessments are an innovative workstyle assessment method based on first principles. PSIU Assessments can help you do a number of things. First, they can help you to quickly identify the role fit, communication style, and engagement level of current employees, partners, and clients. Second, they will reveal the potential role fit and motivations of prospective new hires. Third, they will help you to form up and manage high-performing pods or cross-functional teams. Each membership tier includes a number of annual PSIU Assessment credits included in your program.

Click here to learn more about the theory behind PSIU and why it is such a useful assessment tool for fast-paced environments.

For Strategic Planning & Alignment:
Clarify your growth strategy in vivid detail. Try the following tools free for 30 days.

Entropy Survey

The Entropy Survey is an innovative root-cause diagnostic tool that drives operational excellence. It allows you to survey a cross-functional team to accurately identify the root cause of an organization’s internal friction points and to address them in a systematic and seamless way. It will then allow you to measure and compare progress at reducing entropy over time.

Click here to learn more about the theory behind the Entropy Survey and why it is such a big improvement over the classic SWOT Analysis.

Top-Level OKRs Strategy Survey

The Top-Level OKRs Strategy Survey allows your team to quickly align on the right top-level strategic objectives by using lifecycle theory. If your company is not using lifecycle theory to set its three-year priorities and annual goals, then you are not doing strategy right. This module makes it easy to identify the right strategy for the current lifecycle stage of the business (or business units) and to recognize and avoid some classic strategic execution traps.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the Top-Level OKRs Strategy Survey and why why this approach to setting strategy has some serious advantages over other approaches not based on lifecycle theory.

Company Core Survey

The Company Core module makes it easy for a CEO and his or her Leadership Team to capture the essence of 9 fundamental questions and use the answers to engage in world-class strategic communications and alignment with their entire company.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the Company Core survey and why why using this approach to aligning a team on a company’s evolving core ideology can be transformative.


Targets & KPIs Survey

The Targets & KPIs module allows you to clarify the most important 3-year, 2-year, and 1-year business outcomes to achieve as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  that drive those outcomes. Targets & KPIs are used across the organization to set direction, goals, and focus.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the Targets & KPIs tool and why using this approach is a superior way to get alignment on the key metrics that drive success.


Strategic Execution 1-Page Plan

A compelling 1-Page Plan is created using your completed summary answers from the previous modules. Creating context and alignment for your entire organization is a never-ending task and the Strategic Execution 1-Page Plan summarizes the most important information everyone in your company should understand.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the Strategic Execution 1-Page Plan tool and why using this approach makes it faster and easier to create the right strategic plan.

For Strategic Execution:
Improve strategic execution and create unarguable accountability. Pro-level subscriptions are required for the following tools.


Evolving Structure

The Evolving Structure software makes it possible to organize your management team with vivid role clarity. It will help you to design your structure and assign and clarify roles within that structure.

Visit here to learn more about the Evolving Structure program. It is a unique and proven approach to organizing your team to achieve better results.


Strategic Execution Team Meetings

You can use the Strategic Execution Team (SET) meetings software to run highly-effective strategic execution meetings. This program integrates with the Evolving Structure software and complements the Cascading Objectives software below.

Aligning, coordinating, decision-making, and tracking individual role performance is made significantly easier with this proven approach to strategic execution. Find out why this approach is the key to achieving smoother strategic execution at scale.

Cascading Objectives

You can use the Cascading Objectives (OKRs) software to cascade your company’s top-level strategy into aligned objectives and key results. This program synchronizes with the Evolving Structure software and complements the Ultimate Leadership Team Process.

Click here to learn more about this focused approach to cascading objectives and creating organizational-wide alignment.

What Makes These Tools Powerful

These tools are the same ones that Organizational Physics founder Lex Sisney uses in his Designed to Scale Coaching Program. They are proven to work, in the trenches, across multiple industries, cultures, and business models including SAAS, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, energy, finance, real estate, and R&D and in over 16 different countries. The results speak for themselves.

Real-world Results: When these same tools are combined with expert coaching, within 7 to 9 months, most clients show a sustained 65 to 75% improvement in internal operating performance and simultaneously realize a 2X to 3X increase in sales over the next 1 to 3 years. We know this because we measure before and after and you can do the same using these same tools. In fact, a handful of well-positioned clients have grown 10X in that time-frame, achieving multi-billion-dollar valuations.

The reason that the Organizational Physics tools and approach work is that they are not based not on the latest management fad but on real-world experience based on universal laws! Meaning, everything we do is based on a core set of true and proven first principles that govern how all complex adaptive systems behave. The more deeply you and your team understand these underlying principles, the better you’ll drive strategic execution at scale.

Why It Matters

Every business is different but every leader is faced with the same core challenges. You must constantly align a diverse set of individuals and teams towards the right course of action. Doing this successfully, and sustainably, requires a common language and shared mental models that turn noise into signal and create actionable insights. Because these tools are based on first principles, when you deploy them into your organization they quickly create understanding, buy-in, and alignment across your team. I.e., Physics impacts both Sales and Operations with equal force.

At their core, these tools and their associated support material, make it easy to apply and benefit from a systems-thinking approach to scaling a business. As your company’s sponsor, you just need to start using them with your team and prospective new hires. When you do, the team will begin to execute faster and better together just by using them. Hard to believe? Try it and see.

What Other Subscribers Are Saying

On PSIU Assessments: “I have been using PSIU as a cornerstone of my organizational psychology practice for the last five years. Psychometric testing is a core part of my service, and I have yet to find another test that analyzes and explains employee and leadership behavior as well as PSIU. Out of the well-known options that I have tried, PSIU is the only one that speaks specifically to management and workplace operating style in a way that is practical and easy to understand and explain. This makes it memorable for the clients and teams that I work with and easy to integrate into their culture and workplace vocabulary. All of which is critical to having a lasting impact and influencing real change for the client.

Tie the PSIU test into the Organizational Physics concepts, and it is an eye-opening game changer for CEOs and business leaders. I am forever grateful that I found Organizational Physics and PSIU; I can say that it has changed the way I view business and team development and is an invaluable tool in my coaching toolbox.”
– Eve Duke, Organizational Psychologist | Selkirk Performance

On the Entropy Survey: “The Entropy Survey is a revolutionary change. Not simply an incremental move but a massive transformative change over the traditional SWOT Analysis. I found significant and compelling value to me as a coach and to my clients using the platform. Automated reporting provides a comprehensive, professional record of each individual and team response by area. This is accompanied by easy to read and compelling graphics. The number of hours saved (due to automation), the professional presentation, and the ability to facilitate a compelling and impactful workshop toward proper priorities is fantastic. I recommend it to every facilitator and coach seeking to assist their client(s) through clear, concise and impactful planning. The Entropy Survey is like the smartphone. How did we ever get along without it?”
– Paul Cronin, Managing Director, Cornerstone3 Inc.

On the Top-Level OKRs Strategy Survey: “Lifecycle theory in the context of a business is a remarkable construct to conceive of where you might be, what’s coming next, and what intentions are required to move forward. The Organizational Physics Strategy Map is a powerful tool to contextualize all the primary activities of a company. Understanding where teammates can make their most significant contribution alongside the lifecycle is critical.”
– Katlego Maphai, Co-founder & CEO, Yocco

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A big factor in the success of this program is you, the sponsor. When you subscribe, you become the sponsor for a company’s assessments and surveys and more. All reports and notifications are sent to your account securely. Every assessment and survey comes with a handsome PDF report that makes it easy to align and communicate with others on the right course of action. We’re counting on you to be a beacon of insight and Organizational Physics knowledge within the company’s you serve. Our facilitator materials and email support will help you become proficient quickly, as well as advanced training and certification programs for serious practitioners.

What’s Included

All members have access to PSIU Assessments and Strategic Alignment Tools including the Entropy Survey, Top-Level OKRs Survey, Company Core Survey, Targets & KPIs Survey, and 1-Page Strategic Execution Plan.

Additionally, Pro-level and higher members have access to Strategic Execution Tools including the Evolving Structure, Ultimate Leadership Team Process, and Cascading Objectives (OKRs).

These additional features and benefits are available to all membership tiers:

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