The Ultimate Strategic Execution Toolkit for Growing a Business

The Organizational Physics Membership Program provides CEOs, leadership teams and coaches with a set of innovative tools for scaling-up a business.

The Big Picture

If you think about it, every growth business has the same core challenge. It must align and execute on the right growth strategy and simultaneously achieve operational scalability.

A business that makes a strategic error, or one that fails to achieve operational scale, lives a short and painful life. Businesses that avoid strategic mistakes and execute fast consistently tend to live long and prosper, generating lucrative returns to all stakeholders.

The real question is how?

We believe that it takes a cross-functional team to drive sustained performance.

We also believe that a team is not a team unless it shares the same language, mental models, and incentives for growth. But more importantly, a team isn’t truly a team unless it also participates together in its planning and alignment processes.

As you know, it isn’t always easy to align a cross-functional team. The growth side sees things one way. The operational side sees things another way. Within any given business, there are different communication styles, conflicts of interest, and perspectives galore. How do you harness that natural resistance to change to create and sustain performance breakthroughs?

We can help.

The purpose of the Organizational Physics Membership Program is to help you quickly and easily harness the perspectives of different individuals and teams and get them working together to achieve the right outcomes. This way you accelerate organizational momentum by getting fast and insightful answers to questions like:

  • Who is the right candidate for a given role?
  • What is the preferred communication style of staff, clients, and peers?
  • What is the right composition of a project team?
  • What is the right strategy at the current lifecycle stage?
  • Where is entropy/friction showing up in the organization now and why?
  • Where should we focus next to improve organizational scalability?

We’re big believers in learning by doing. New clients can register for a free 14-day trial below and see firsthand how it works. The program currently has two main modules with more being added in the future.

Module 1: PSIU Assessments

PSIU Assessments are an innovative workstyle assessment based on systems thinking. PSIU Assessments can help you do a number of things. First, they can help you to quickly identify the role fit, communication style, and engagement level of current employees. Second, they will reveal the potential role fit and motivations of prospective new hires. Third, they will help you hone in on the communication styles, needs, and desires of key clients. Click here to learn more about the theory behind PSIU and why it is so useful in a fast-paced setting.

Module 2: Entropy Survey

The Entropy Survey is an innovative root-cause diagnostic tool to help you achieve organizational scalability. It allows you to survey a cross-functional team to accurately identify the organization’s internal friction points and to address them in a systematic way. It will then allow you to measure and compare progress over time. Click here to learn more about the theory behind the Entropy Survey and why it is such a big improvement over the classic SWOT Analysis.

Sponsored by You!

A big factor in the success of this program is you, the subscriber. When you subscribe, you become the sponsor for an organization’s assessments and surveys. All reports and notifications are sent to your account securely. Every assessment and survey comes with a handsome PDF report that makes it easy to align and communicate with others on the right course of action.

Wait… We Already Have Assessments, OKR management, or Strategic Plan Software!

Awesome! Continue to use them. Our tools complement your existing goal setting, hiring assessments, accountability tracking, workforce management, and Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management software. We deliver powerful upstream insights that enable a cross-functional team to quickly align on the right initiatives and decisions and to accelerate momentum. Use any software programs for managing people and projects downstream as you like. Better inputs lead to better outputs and our job is to deliver world-class inputs and shared insights.

What Makes This Program Unique?

This is not a tool for workforce planning. It’s not for OKR tracking. It’s not organizational structure software. Instead, it’s a suite of upstream tools, assessments, and surveys for sustained strategic execution. It is designed for cross-functional alignment on key initiatives, for fast execution, and for measuring progress over time.

But the main innovation that makes this program unique is that it is based on the underlying principles that govern the behavior of all complex adaptive systems.

If you need to align a diverse set of individuals and teams towards a common course of action, you will need a common language and shared mental models to do it effectively. Because it is based on first principles, this program facilitates understanding and alignment across any group or culture. The more deeply you understand these principles, the better you’ll drive strategic execution at scale.

Organizational Physics founder Lex Sisney has spent the past decade developing this approach with several hundred expansion-stage companies. His program is proven to accelerate strategic execution in multiple business models and stages. It has shown measurable breakthroughs in industries as diverse as SAAS, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, energy, finance, real estate, and R&D in over 16 different countries.

Lex is now making available through this membership program the same tools he uses with his coaching clients. These tools are designed specifically for CEOs, leadership teams, and coaches who also appreciate the power of systems thinking to drive sustained business growth.

What’s the Risk and ROI

The only risk to you is the time and energy required to learn the program. Just register for the 14-day free trial below and run your first series of assessments and surveys to test it out. It’s simple and you’ll learn the system by using the system.

The bigger risk is allowing the status quo to continue. What’s the cost of having a disengaged or underperforming employee and not knowing it, or not knowing what to do about it? What’s the cost of making the wrong hire? Or the cost of not knowing what to expect from a project team or how to help them work well together? What’s the cost of allowing internal frictions within the organization to remain? I think you’ll agree with me that these costs can be pretty high.

Conversely, the ROI of getting it right is significant. When you have a universal language that works across functional boundaries, actionable reporting, and an assessment model designed for fast-paced environments, you can then take a systematic approach to strategic execution. You can then more easily transform breakdowns into breakthroughs and drive exponential business growth.

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