I’m pleased to announce that a new, revised edition of Organizational Physics is now available in international hardcover, Kindle, and Audible.

What’s New in the Revised Edition

When I set out to write Organizational Physics ten years ago, I knew then that its underlying principles were sound. I had both the experience of using them as a CEO and as a business scaling coach to other CEOs. I could identify parallels spanning across disciplines as diverse as business, nature, sports, and the laws of physics. My thinking then, and still today, is that if I can spot a principle that cuts across domains, then I can take it to the bank.

In publishing this revised edition, I’m happy to say that the original principles I introduced in the first edition of this book have not changed. On the contrary, my appreciation for their pervasive power and influence over every aspect of life, business, and society has only deepened.

The primary changes between the first and revised editions are that, in addition to updating the graphics and typeface, I’ve added five case studies that provide insider accounts from other CEOs of what it’s really like to scale a business, its ups and downs, and how to leverage Organizational Physics principles to your sustained advantage.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the CEOs who contributed these case studies, to the many others who contributed testimonials, and to all the clients I’ve coached over the past decade. You make my work possible, and it is transformative because of you.

To new readers, I hope you enjoy and get lasting value from the revised edition of this book as thousands of other business leaders have before you.

To your success,
Lex Sisney
Author and Business Scaling Coach Organizational Physics Inc.