Being the CEO of fast growing company can be exhilarating one week and frustrating the next. I know because I’ve been there. That’s why I created Organizational Physics, a proven method for building and managing high-growth companies that delivers breakthrough results.

Our clients are expansion-stage businesses (typically $30M+ in annual sales with a leadership team of 7+) that have an opportunity to grow significantly. Our guarantee is that when you deploy one of our tailored programs, your organization will not only scale โ€” it will also have improved coordination, execution speed, and a more aligned culture. What’s more, you’ll experience greater clarity and confidence in your role as CEO.

If you’re thinking about how to take your organization to the next level and wondering if our approach is right for you, start with this 5-minute video to learn about our Strategic Execution Coaching Program.

Looking for more? Here are some ideas… explore Organizational Physics Tutorials, design your Organizational Structure to scale, see what other CEOs are saying, dive deep with a good book, test drive PSIU Assessments or the Entropy Survey, or take the world’s fastest personality test.

There’s a lot to do here at Organizational Physics. Drop me a line if I can be of any assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚